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Rune Radionics


Use the added power of rune radionics to attract the runic energies you want out of the Quantum Ocean and into your life.

In these very difficult times we need to regenerate the virtues of our Viking ancestors. Strength (Rune UR) --- Courage ( Rune TYR) --- Victory (Rune SIG) --- Wisdom (Rune OS) --- Individuality (Rune IS). Rune radionics is one way to do this.

We have entered the 21st Century. This is the time of electronics, internet, e-books, runes, rune radionics and RUNIC orgone technology

You can use rune radionics for your rune magic, rune yoga, rune meditation, rune healing, bind rune power, and rune breathing exercise.

Rune Radionics

The Runes are ancient esoteric keys to the Universal Creative Energies. The rune energies existed long before Odin hung on the Yggdrasil Tree and rediscovered them.

Runic energies even existed long before man used language. Runes are much more than a Viking alphabet. Runes are much more than divination tools, Runes are much more than symbols for ritualistic rune magic.Runes are keys to creation!

Each of us has within us a runic destiny and each of us have put ourselves exactly where we are today by the choices we have made.Whether or not we are following our rune destiny is due to our choices. The choice of energies we allowed into our lives.Runes help us make better choices.Runes help us to redefine and recreate our lives. Runes can help us to change our Destiny!

Rune Radionics

Radionics has been around for about 100 years. But the working principles behind Rune Radionics have been around for thousands of years. Every shaman, medicine man, magician of the past knew about the working principles of Rune Radionics. Only they called them by different names. And they thought that their power came from the Gods/Goddesses. We now know that it is from the Quantum Ocean. And we can tap into it with the runes.<

Rune Radionics can now be explained as the Rune Magic of the 21st century.

The three working principles of Rune Radionics are:

A Power Source

A Treatment (runes)

A Target

Runic Radionics Life-Force (prana, galama, ond, chi, etc) is the power source behind Rune Radionics.It penetrates all space. It is the carrier of runic energy to and from the Quantum Ocean.

The Radionics Treatment is what you want to achieve with this magic. It is the runic energy you want to attract out of the Quantum Ocean into your aura. Rune Radionics uses Runes as the treatment.

The radionics Target is you or whoever you want the runic energy to go to. (rune healing at a distance)

The Rune Radionics Device whether it is electronic, a black box, an orgone generator, or even drawn on a piece of paper is the Matrix. A Rune Matrix is the playing field where the Rune radionics Magic takes place.


When you set up your Rune Radionics device, you place a Rune (URAZ for health) on the radionics sending (treatment) plate and your photo on the radionics receiving (target) plate.

The radionics Life-Force generated by the Rune Radionics Device makes the connection with the Quantum Ocean. It bring the Healing Runic Energy of URAZ to the photo.

Your photo is a similar structure to you. In the Quantum Ocean there is no distance between similar structures. So the Rune Life-Force enters the photo and ENTERS YOU!

That was an over simplification. But it is important when using a Rune Radionics Device to have a basic understanding of what is happening.

Your Mind is a radionics device. It is a powerful tool and will aid you tremendously when it knows what it is your are trying to do.


The new science of Rune Radionics and Runic Orgone Technology allows for multi-shaped orgone devices that will act as both power source and matrix.

Simple hand drawn Rune Radionics diagrams are Radionics Devices. One of my spiritual teachers, I.F. over 35 years ago drew one for me on a piece of paper.

Many years before Rune Radionics Devices were built. He said to me "This is for you. It is very powerful, show it to no one. For in the hands of evil people, evil will be done."

It stayed hidden in one on my many boxes of notes these some 35 years. Till I started to study Quantum Physics and stumbled onto Karl Welz's Rune Radionics website.

A light bulb went on and I searched my boxes till I found the piece of paper with the hand drawn radionics diagram. I smiled. My teacher way back then saw the coming of the Radionics Age. And in his wisdom knew that I would be involved. So he gave me a head start. When I read about Quantum Physics and saw Karl's rune radionics site, I knew what I had to do. The road to Rune Radionics.

Everybody has the right to health, wealth and happiness. But what methodology was there available to create these?

Now Rune Radionics is the methodology. It combines the rune wisdom of the past with the science of the future.

Rune Magic, Rune Yoga, Rune Meanings, Rune Healing, Rune Readings, Rune Radionics, Rune Meditations, Rune Breathing all attract runic energies out of the Quantum Ocean.

Ellis Peterson AKA Ragnar Storyteller is a retired math professor and electronics engineer. He has been studying astrology, runes, metaphysics and alternate healing treatments for over 30 years. He is 70+, in very good health and lives in the boonies of the Pocono mountains with his wife Lory. His writings are unique and refreshing.

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